Fees for 2018

At St Mary's School, we have 281 students enrolled.

For further information regarding enrolments and fees, please contact the school directly on (07) 5465 1240 or you can email us at plaidley@bne.catholic.edu.au

Fee Structure

  • One Child: $1130
  • Family: $1550 for two children
  • $1690 Total family


  • Educational Experience (per student) $120
  • Prep Levy (per student) $180
  • Year 1 Resource Levy (per student) $35
  • ICLT Levy: $110 per year
  • Capital Levy: $480 per family - per year


School fees and levies are the essential funds needed to provide quality educational experiences. These fees and levies cover everything from pens, paper and educational excursions through to the school buildings and maintenance.

Direct Debit.pdfDirect Debit.pdf  If you are wishing to pay by DIRECT DEBIT please use the form attached and return to the office. If you require assistance with the calculation of payment, please contact the school office on 54651240 or email plaidley@bne.catholic.edu.au

Our aim is to provide the highest quality education whilst keeping our fees and levies at the lowest possible level.

Below is an explanation as to how the fees and levies are distributed.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cover the day to day operating expenses incurred through providing education to students. This includes some additional staffing costs, purchasing of furniture and resources, rates, insurance, consumables, maintenance and cleaning, etc.

Capital Levy

This levy is used for buildings and major maintenance. As the school has recently been refurbished and had some new classroom additions this money is currently being used to pay off our loans. In the years to come it will be used for future developments along with classroom upgrades. Floor coverings are one item that need to be replaced on a scheduled basis as the carpets are exposed to a high level of wear and tear in classrooms.

Educational Experience Levy

This levy is used to provide educational experiences for students both on campus and off campus. All planned educational experiences including excursions are related directly to the school curriculum. During the year we provide many educational experiences at school through outside organisations, some of which include: Raw Art, Street Science, Book Week Activities and Under 8's Activities. At other times students travel off campus for these experiences which include: swimming lessons, curriculum related class excursions and sporting events.