At St Mary’s we are committed to building a community of faith based on effective partnerships with parents and the wider community that we serve. Outlined below are a range of services and opportunities that make for effective communication and interactions, which are the foundation of good partnerships.

St Mary's Mail

The St Mary's Mail is emailed to families every fortnight.  A class newsletter​ is emailed to parents three times during the Term.

Class Newsletter

A class newsletter​ is emailed to parents three times during the Term

Book Club

The school participates in Scholastic Book Club, through which parents may purchase books and other resources at their child’s learning level.

If ordering items, please return the order in an envelope with the correct money. The books are delivered to the school and then distributed to the students. Online ordering is now available at

Visiting Performances

Various companies visit the school during the year to present shows or to conduct activities with the children. The focus of these visits is curriculum based and varies from year to year depending on availability and the needs of the students. These visits help to enhance the children’s learning in different ways. The cost of these experiences will be covered by the student levy.