School Theme 2019

“Sharing the Story……Keeping the Story Alive”

The school theme for 2019 is based on keeping the ‘Jesus Story’ alive and well in our words, actions and daily encounters.

“Sharing the Story……Keeping the Story Alive” can be broken down into three parts – the story (the Bible and what we can learn from it), our story (the school history and traditions which we hold) and my story (each one of us has a story to tell and we have the right to be heard).

It is a message of love – God’s love for us and our love for God which we express by loving our neighbor or in Jesus’ words ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’. In fact actions speak louder than words and so it is important that we reflect on all the messages which come to us through the Story of the life and teaching of Jesus.

As we look towards the year ahead with the theme of “Sharing the Story….Keeping the Story Alive” let’s be mindful that it is our job to be the keepers of The Story and God is calling each one of us to be Storytellers for Jesus.