Japanese Class

Nihongo Class

Konnichiwa! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every single student for their outstanding Japanese chanting at last week's Sports Day. They should all be very proud of how they embraced this challenge and performed on the big day. The Year 6 leaders of our school led with great passion and vigour and the rest of the students followed accordingly. Of course, this would not have been possible without the generous help of Riki Garibaldi. I know for a fact that Riki and her Japanese family and friends were moved by the respect shown for such an important Japanese ritual. It was also extremely pleasing to see and hear how well received it was within our schooling community. It looks like it will become an annual event on the Sports Day schedule, which is very exciting for our students. During the last week of school our students will be partaking in a 'chopstick challenge'. We will learn how to use chopsticks, as well as the rules and rituals that are observed when eating with chopsticks. The Year 6 students have already had a go at using chopsticks and found it very challenging. The highlight of the lesson, which can be seen in the photos, was undoubtedly trying to transfer popcorn and jellybeans from one dish to another using only chopsticks. We eventually found a winning team, but not without some spills and thrills along the way. The Year 3, 4 and 5 students get their turn on Thursday. No doubt there will be more entertaining photos to come. Also, please don't forget assembly this Friday where the most respectful and engaging Japanese class of the term will be announced. Who will it be this time? I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and we will catch up again in Japanese classes in Term 3.

Word of the Week: ohashi = chopsticks


Wilson Sensei.