Japanese Class

日本語 Class

Konnichiwa! It has been test time over the last week in Japanese class. All the students were tested on their unit learning to date and they seemed to embrace the challenge quite well. There were definitely not as many nerves this time around, which was great to see. The Years 3 and 4 students sat their first ever speaking test in Japanese. They sat down one-on-one with me and introduced their family in Japanese. They needed to introduce themselves and then talk about their family tree that they had made the week before. They responded to questions asked in Japanese and listed the names and titles of some of their family members. For extra marks, some students recalled some knowledge learned in previous terms to add to their family descriptions. This was very impressive and proves that their Japanese learning and understanding is building nicely. The Years 5 (their test is tomorrow) and 6 students took part in a writing and listening exam. They listened to various scripts where they had to identify items in a schoolbag as well as who owned these various items. In addition to this, the students were asked to translate some key sentences learned throughout the unit into English, before ending the exam with a bit of a challenge. Using their Hiragana chart as stimulus, the students had to identify some schoolbag items again, but this time they were challenged to also write the words in Japanese. Some students remembered the patterns learned when studying the Hiragana chart, which held them in good stead for this part of their test. It is great to see the students have a go at the various challenges put to them. I look forward to marking all the exams over the next few weeks and returning them early in Term 4.

It has been another great term of Japanese learning. Thank you again to all the students who continue to show respect and passion for the Japanese language. I would also like to congratulate the Year 6 cohort for winning this term’s award for the ‘Most Engaged and Respectful’ class. I wish you all a great holiday and will see you again in Term 4.

Word of the Week: haru = Spring


Wilson Sensei.