Japanese Class

Nihongo Class

Konnichiwa! This week in Japanese class the Years 3 and 4 students started working towards their assessment piece for this term. Together as a class we revised the self-introduction phrases we have learned so far, as well as adding another one. The students added, 'what grade they are in', to their Japanese self-introduction. This was put into perspective for our Year 3W students especially, as they got to use their Japanese when having a conversation with their classmate, Tomi Wilson, who is currently going to school in Japan. Both the Japanese students and the Year 3W St Mary's students had a very exciting and rewarding experience together showing off their newfound Japanese and English speaking skills.

The Years 5 and 6 students also revised their Japanese self-introductions and these will be extended in the coming weeks in preparation for their assessment. The students also studied another set of characters from their Japanese Hiragana chart. Remembering these characters will also be a skill they need to acquire for their assessment. We will be doing a lot of activities focused on Hiragana in the coming weeks.

Word of the Week: asagohan = breakfast


Wilson Sensei.