Japanese Class

Nihongo Class

Konnichiwa! This week in Nihongo class the Years 3 and 4 students added another two phrases to their polite greetings list; 'ittekimasu' and 'itterashai'. Both of these terms are used to farewell a family member who is leaving the house for a little while and is expected to return soon after. The students are now able to tell me how old they are in Japanese due to their extensive knowledge of numbers. This knowledge was further extended by introducing 'Kanji' to them for the first time. They enjoyed the challenge of trying to remember the stroke order when writing the numbers 1-10.

The Years 5 and 6 students are slowly building on classroom directions in Japanese and enjoyed reviewing these terms by playing a little bit of 'Simon Says'. The students also continued their learning of foods in Japanese (as per attached picture). They will soon be challenged to not only remember this vocabulary, but to also write the words in Japanese. The students are more than half way through their hiragana charts and are beginning to recite the sounds of these characters quite well.

Unfortunately, there will be no Japanese lessons in Week 10, but please feel free to come along to the assembly next Monday afternoon and watch our very talented students from years 3 and 4 sing a couple of songs in Japanese for the St Mary's Community. The inaugural 'Japanese Class of the Term' will also be announced on this assembly. Happy holidays and speak to you all again in Term 2.

Word of the Week: tamago = egg

Sayonara.  Wilson Sensei.