Parents & Friends


St Mary’s Parents and Friends Association currently meets once a month, (advertised in the weekly newsletter) at 6:30pm in the school staffroom. All parents are members of the St Mary’s P&F, and so are most welcome to attend meetings and/or participate in the activities of the P&F.

The objectives of the P & F Association are as follows:

  • To provide a means of contact between the parents and school administration;
  • To provide for the parents and friends of the school a means to meet socially and make connections and also develop a community spirit in our school;
  • To liaise with the school to identify needs and establish priorities, and to raise funds or provide practical assistance.

An energetic P & F Association is vital to ensuring a thriving school. Parents are encouraged to support P & F functions and activities.

St Mary’s Care & Concern Committee

The P&F are currently establishing a Care & Concern Committee.  This committee would allow St Mary’s to further develop the strong sense of community that already exists through providing genuine and proactive outreach to members of our community.

Care and Concern can occur in many shapes and forms and the form it takes is often reflected through the gifts and talents of those within our community. I see that within our St Mary’s Learning Community we have an abundance of very talented and caring community members. This has already been demonstrated on many occasions when parents and staff have shown care and concern to community members experiencing difficult times.